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How AI helps humans

The humanitarian effect of AI

Artificial Intelligence is receiving attention at a pace that no other technology might have. It is not just on the receiving end, it is in fact proving its worth to the core. From escalating business-growth to building an easy lifestyle, AI is taking every need of ours into its hands.

But with the overwhelming popularity comes inevitable questions and suspicions. Is AI really making human lives better? The debate of AI taking over human tasks is never-ending. But, the truth to be told, it will be a supplement to human efforts, not a replacement. It is what research says and it is what this futuristic technology preaches.

So, why don’t we dig deeper into how and where AI is providing humans with an abundance of opportunities?

Automating dangerous tasks, Reinventing secured lives

In industries where human lives are at cost, AI is the shoulder to rely upon. From saving people out of natural calamities, clearing nuclear waste, inspecting fuel tanks, to providing healthcareAI-robots have put forth the safety aspects. Many such industries have taken a lead to allow no human-cost of profits and ignorance.

The fear of replacing humans in such jobs is unnecessary as there will always be a need for humans for the unhazardous parts of a hazardous job.

It’s merely a role-shifting for a safer place to work and better ways to live.

A big leap of happiness

In the recent past, the entertainment industry has adapted itself to be more technologically advanced. With the popularity of AI-deepfakes or face swap, recreating your fantasies is contained within an app. Refacing yourself with your favorite character and sharing it with the world is an example of happiness found with just one click.

Who would have thought this to become a reality a few decades ago?

Turning business insights realistic and smarter

A missed detail in the business approach is a missed opportunity for growth. AI comes as a savior here as well. It learns market patterns, analyzes risk factors, and automates decision-making.

No human is prone to errors and there is a certain limitation to our physical efforts. But AI can improvise your strengths and minimize errors, and thus reignite a business.

Guided assistance, enhanced assistance

With the advent of AI into information and assistance services, waiting for someone to connect and resolving your doubts is an outdated practice.

From Google Assistant to amazon’s Lex, getting answers to your queries does not even take a second. With these AI-enabled chatbots and virtual assistants, every routine or sophisticated work like dialing in contact, purchasing and making an order, turning-off AC, getting weather updates, are wonders of just a few taps or a voice. “Revolutionary” is surely an alias of AI.

Behavioral analysis

AI has established new ways for many businesses, especially for the e-commerce industry, to sell better and reach better.It does not just track when and how a visitor becomes a buyer, rather it finds an answer to why’s.Converting your prospect into a trusted customer was never faster and precise than what AI offers today.

This new-age technology has its roots covered even in our societal structure. The individual or collective behavioral analysis may help a government or organization in better policy-making and tracking existing problems.The world cannot move ahead lacking basic humanity.


AI has a vision of prosperity, ease, and intelligence. It is up to us how we drive this vision and how to make the best use of it. It’s here and will be here for years to make our present and future a blessing.