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The Brave New World Of AI On Your Device

Taking bolder steps for a brighter future

In this tech-dependent era, not just humans to machines, but even machines to machines or technology to technology collaboration has become a reality. AI and ML are being integrated for building a comfortable future for humankind. And with the aid of IoT, machines are interacting and networking with each other to yield desired results.

But what if these tech-wonders could reside in any of your devices and could be accessible round the clock, around the globe, and over a click? That’s not a fantasy anymore as AI is creating new skies of such possibilities every day.

Let’s find out how audacious we have become to trust AI for reshaping our lives.

Taking care of your inner peace

AI has learned to measure not just our cognitive abilities or interests, but to evaluate our behavior. There do exist AI apps such as Youper which can monitor your emotional health and support you in recognizing and resolving your mental health problems. You can talk to its AI-powered personal assistant and get directions like a therapist. In a true sense, AI has the emotional intelligence that we often miss out on the materialistic gains we look forward to.

Smarter homes for smarter mankind

Virtual assistants or chatbots have remodeled the way businesses used to engage with customers. And why be restricted with just profits? Our lives have become accustomed to the comfort these AI-powered devices have introduced.

The e-commerce giant Amazon has not just upsurged its customer satisfaction and response time with AI-chatbots, but it has made the users more powerful. It does so by navigating a potential buyer to the items he is interested in and answering his queries within a fraction of a second. AI fetches the previous search results made by the user, analyzes it, and makes self-decisions, and presents only what the user is searching for- nothing less.

Amazon’s Alexa or Google assistant have become household names. Using speech recognition and NLP, they are liberating us from wasting our hours on performing routine tasks. Switching on and off your appliances, playing your favorite song on the TV, booking a flight instantly, or setting up an appointment is tuned in no time with your voice instruction.

Possibility of Cross-Communication of Apps

If a client approaches you through an email and is willing to establish a business with you, what would you want to do first? For sure, you would not want to miss the opportunity by mismanaging time-bound decisions. It can be a hustle to simultaneously follow up with the client and check for available dates.

But what if our mobile apps could communicate or coordinate internally and freed us from taking different actions through different apps? With AI it has come to the existent. As soon as you receive an email or message from clients, AI-backed API may wake other apps up, schedule a meeting and send them a calendar invite without your interference needed.

Making Content Production Faster

The velocity at which the online data is being poured is unmatched. Hence, creating and curating the content which does not only target the right audience but also converts these visitors into clients has become the epicenter of every business.

Wordsmith is one such AI platform, backed by NLP, that develops a narrative on its own and saves time. When given the structural data inputs(such as uploading an excel sheet), Wordsmith personifies the content and makes it hard to distinguish between proses created by AI and a human. Scripting a personalized project proposal or preparing thousands of product descriptions, it can enhance your content management with the same amount of precision. The best thing about such apps or platforms is that they can be easily incorporated with other business tools.

A breakthrough in conversational banking

Queuing up for several minutes in banks even for a quick inquiry, or struggling to contact the relevant officer may leave consumers with a bitter taste.

India’s largest private sector bank HDFC’s chatbot Eva was launched with a grand purpose to address this issue and enhance customer satisfaction. Since then it has successfully addressed over 2.7 million customer queries so far, interacted with over 530,000 users. From opening your account to credit card bills, Eva is trained to create a knowledge-base from accumulating numbers of customer responses and other sources. And soon it will be enabled to handle traditional banking transactions.

Improving wellness within a blink

With the AI-innovations, the healthcare industry has become smarter than ever. The rise of health-bands, like Fitbit, and AI-IoT integration, has made supervising your well-being on the daily basis a common thing. You can link your vital data to AI-powered apps and medical repository using these bands. The intelligent algorithm will detect even a minor change in the regular data pattern and will shoot a notification to your doctor’s system.

World of AI in small screens

From finance, traveling, to medical, or e-commerce, AI has penetrated each and every field we can think of.

The world could not be more fearless and visionary to allow and give powers to AI for upscaling our lifestyles and businesses.