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Here Are 3 Social Applications of AI That You May Have Missed

Alan Turing, a computer scientist, first posed the question – Can machines think? – in 1950. In the present day, we see artificial intelligence(AI) taking over, working at nearly full potential and delivering results that were once unimaginable.  For starters, AI has changed the ways of social networking for the better. 

Before we knew it, AI got embedded in various social media frameworks ranging from marketing to content creation. Can you think of any such application you have come across recently? We bet you have used them multiple times! This article throws light on three such applications of AI that you may have missed noticing.

Before we begin: What is Artificial Intelligence?

AI, short for Artificial Intelligence, is a blanket term commonly used to cover different technologies like:

  1. Deep learning
  2. Computer vision
  3. Machine learning
  4. Natural language processing and much more.


At its core, machines take the help of AI technology to perform cognitive tasks at a similar or greater pace than humans. To give an example,  Siri & Alexa understand what you speak just like another person and use AI to respond. Amazon and Netflix make use of AI recommendation engines to provide users with movie suggestions by making assumptions over individual preferences. 

3 Note-Worthy Applications of AI:

1. AI-Powered Communication Delegation: Chatbots

All of us have used chatbots to communicate with a brand online. Chatbots are softwares that essentially use AI to discuss and communicate with the audience in a natural language. Various platforms deploy chatbots to ensure seamless interaction with their consumers. 

From guiding potential customers in making purchases to resolving queries and helping the audience navigate through the company’s website, chatbots are helpful in many ways. They create a better user experience with the brand, enhance the impact of digital campaigns, increase the conversion rate and much more! 

2. AI-Powered Entertainment: Face Swapping Technology

The highest rated face swapping video app, Hellos has taken over social media by storm. The app lets users swap faces online, and create trending deepfake content in the matter of a few seconds. Users get to virtually transform themselves into their favourite stars from movies, and TV shows. 

Hellos features wide-ranging content from over 12 languages and 7 genres making it the go-to entertainment source for most people. The founding team at Hellos set out with the larger-than-life mission of spreading smiles around them. There has been an overwhelming response so far and it’s truly heartwarming to see team Hellos celebrate others’ happiness. 

3. AI-Powered Behaviour Analysis: Predictive Analytics

Simply put, predictive analytics involves the use of machine learning and statistics to analyse consumer behaviour and make predictions.  For instance, this analysis proves highly useful to marketing specialists as it allows them to predict what will happen/how the audience will engage and thereby create effective campaigns. 

Machines can process great amounts of data in a short span, and thus, mathematical formulas can be used in leveraging data. This, for example, is used by marketing specialists for timing their campaigns to ensure maximum audience engagement. 

Summing up

According to the report, AI in Social Media, the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in social media is expected to grow over $1.2B by 2023. Companies join AI hand in hand to power their business strategies, track competitors, monitor brand performance and analyse data to gain unparalleled insights into their respective industries and audiences. As more and more brands rely on AI to handle different aspects of their business operations, social media marketing, customer interaction and much more, it is time we acknowledge the overarching presence of AI around us!