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Influencer Guide to Creating Viral Content in 2021

What’s better than the concept of Covid-19 to describe virality in 2021? ‘Viral content creation’ is the new buzzword brands are running after now. Simply put, viral content is online content that enjoys a great deal of popularity due to rapid shares and massive exposure. This degree of exposure can be highly effective in generating leads and that’s the top reason why brands choose viral marketing solutions as their go-to. 

Have you ever wondered how exposure works? Or, what makes content go viral? The answer lies in the psychology behind people sharing content across social media platforms. 

Why do people share content?

A recent study conducted by the New York Times revealed the key reasons behind people sharing content online. They include:  

  1. To enhance others’ lives through sharing valuable online content. 
  2. To share what they believe in. 
  3. To engage in interactions. 
  4. To build and nourish relationships. 
  5. To share content that reflects their online identity. 

As an influencer, you need to create content that resonates with people and at the same time, bear impact on them. Your unique style of content creation makes you stand out and leaves your audience wanting for more. This article casts light on 4 tried-and-tested, actionable tips to creating viral online content. 

Let’s get started, shall we? 

4 tips & tricks to ace viral content creation

1. Sleek visuals 

The first impression always matters and this impression is largely based on the visual elements you present. Choose a colour palette and font style that reflects the personality of your content. Remember to always break down text-filled content with images, infographics and videos. 

In fact, a study by BuzzSumo revealed how content pieces with more than one image get shared twice across Facebook compared to those with zero images. Images are much more effective than videos in capturing attention. 

2. A great hook

You must have seen YouTube titles like: We Were Treated Like Absolute Garbage at Beautycon (with live footage)

You’ve Never Seen a Barn Conversion Like This Before or


In most cases, these videos come with millions of views. The logic is simple. Your audience wants to know upfront what they are about to look at. Titles like these act as attention-grabbers and draw in more people to watch your content. 

People also show interest in content that promises a reaction. A video that goes like: This video is going to make you cry/restore faith in humanity/die laughing, is sure to get views and shares. 

3. Shareworthy content 

Yes, great visuals and captivating hooks are important. But, creating content that engages, adds value or entertains your audience is a must! When people enjoy viewing your content, or are emotionally-aroused, they are more likely to share it within their social circle. 

However, it is worth remembering that how you have made them feel (angry/sad/happy/excited) is not as important as making them feel something. You can also create one-of-a-kind content with Hellos, and take audience engagement to a whole new level. 

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Gone are those days when cat videos were the sensation. The most recent shift towards authenticity is an emotional hook in itself. So, do not hesitate to be you,  flaunt your creative flair with Hellos and share content that reflects your personal style. 

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4. Humanize and personalize

One surefire way to create appealing content is to: 

  1. Humanize it through storytelling and 
  2. Personalize it through understanding your audience well


It’s always great to narrate a story; if it’s personal – even better! Many research studies show that audiences that relate to the narration are likely to spread the word. Although this requires spending greater effort, and time, the results are absolutely mind boggling. Interactive polls, quizzes, fractal content, awe-inspiring information, and the like are all recipes of virality.

Summing up

Going viral is often a magic combination of timing, content, optimisation and many other related factors. Create content consistently, interact with your audience regularly and always produce value-packed content for your viewers. Lastly, remember that virality does not happen in one day, but is a trick that is mastered with time!